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Friday, July 30, 2010

12th Labor of Hercules

I have an interest in Greek Mythology, and one of the stories from that period is the 12 labors of Hercules.  The final 12th Labor is overpowering the Amazon Queen Hippolyte in order to win her girdle for Admete, the Daughter of Eurystheus.  This image is inspired from a bas relief carving from the Temple os Zeus in Olympia.  I have played a little with this subject in the past but stopped because I felt like I was just replicating an image of the past rather than rendering it new in modern way.  This is my first attempt at working with Greek Myth and my new form of cubism.  Enjoy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crazy Cool Birds

I am having way too much fun now.
Today, I went back to an older style of drawing I have done of horses, where I take abstractions of horses and meld them all together.  I applied the cubistic circles, added some more unified marks, and some texture.  I think I am going to develop these drawing into a series.  I am hoping to use this new method in a a more modern version of "The 12 Labors of Achiles".  But for now, horses continue to be my object of vision.
I think this would also be a great painting if done upon a surface of textured gold leaf, with several layers of acrylic glazes.

Cubism with a twist.

Folks, so I am now going to become a blogger.  I have really enjoyed the feed back from everyone on facebook regarding my art work.  While in my studies with Tesia from Golden, I have been in the habit of using Facebook as our on-line studio.  But, Facebook does not seem like the right spot for me to blog about my work so here it is, a space dedicated to nothing but what I am doing artistically.

Last night I was over in Davis working on a new drawing.  I am trying to take my new form of "cubism", which actually uses circles instead of cubes, insert marks for unification and depth, and see what happens when I combine the highly stylized and abstracted cubistic background with something organic such as a few horses.  Of course I love using the photoshop applications on my drawings on my Iphone, so I took it a few steps further by adding a marbled texture and some tint.  Here are the results.